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Original Technology of flat rolling dies. The sky is the limit.

Since our inauguration in 1956, Daishin Co., Ltd. has consistently endeavored to create,
develop and supply the superior quality flat thread rolling dies that are essential to our society.
In particular we specialize in producing small lot custom orders and small size precision screw.
We pride ourselves on unrivaled high level know-how and continue to set the standards in our industry.

What’s New

We started supplying thread rolling dies of EJOT Delta PTⓇ and EJOT PTⓇ as Licensed EJOT rolling dies supplier.
For purchasing the dies needs to obtain EJOT license.
Our homepage has been renewal.

Five reasons why you should choose Daishin

Specialized manufacture of Flat Rolling Dies.

As a specialized manufacture we Pursue perfection in quality and protect product privacy

On-time Delivery Guaranteed

Quality control, Accurate delivery date ensured when order is received


Lengthy experience in designing speciality products and easy to use die plates

High Precision,
High Quality

High precision speciality machinery, independently created software, high level technology creating top quality products

Best Service

Blank diameter calculation for standard & special type Technical support after the delivery Customer satisfaction is most important


Production Range

Maximum Dimension for Die plate (mm): Thickness:50 Height:105 (may change with type) Length of Moving Die 250
Minimal Screw Pitch: 0.1 (may change with screw type)
*Please contact us if yu need any other suze than above

Die Plate Material: Die Steel, High-Speed Tool Steel, High hardness die steel

We promise to deliver non-standard specialty orders in the same delivery period as standard orders.

Product Lineup

Dies for Machine Screws

The dies are a basic ones since our incorporation. We apply the unique work method: plastic work in production of dies. This work method enables us to produce dies with finer pitches and smoother thread surface.

Dies for Wood and Tapping Screws

Back when wood screws were made by screw machining method, we already tried to make wood screws by rolling method. Now we design and make the rolling dies to each customer's detailed needs.

Dies for Trilobular Forming Screws

The patent related to manufacture a tap without triangular grooves was obtained by our company long time ago. Incorporating the idea of this patent, very high accurate dies of S-type, B-type, and P-type etc., are now manufactured by us.

Form Rolling Dies

The demand of form rolling dies are on the sharp increase lately. The dies of new design/shape are born in accordance with customers' needs and the improvement of technique.

Combination Dies

Daishin's greatly varied types of products are created by combining a different type of forming dies into one dies for single roll operation.

Knurling Dies

Dies of various patterns such as provided with flat, diagonal and stripe are manufactured by Daishin. The pitches of dies are carefully produced based on the computer calculated values after checking the rivet diameter and finished diameter.

EJOT License Dies

We have a tool license for EJOT Delta PTⓇ and EJOT PTⓇ, and we manufacture special dies.

Company Profile


As a pioneer of thread rolling flat dies, we at Daishin Co., Ltd. have been cultivating specialized cold rolling technology for over half a century. By developing and producing superior quality screw making rolling flat dies, we are highly acclaimed by both domestic and international fastener makers.
Our success lies in our ability to meet our product users' the high degree of requirements. In meeting such needs we make an effort to acquire the latest technology, introduce state of the art equipment facilities and educate our work- force.
The fusion we have created from merging youthful enthusiasm with high technology is helping us to create matchless product quality.
Our company produces products, which help support users around the world. Our responsibility to our customers is great and causes us to continue to strive forward in our desire to push the limits of flat rolling die production. It is our dream to contribute positively to our society through our products and our commitment to quality.

President and C.E.O.


Corporate Outline

Location 2-2-29 Tsujido Kandai, Fujisawa City,
Kanagawa Prefecture Japan 251-0041
Tel:0466-36-8898 Fax:0466-34-5374
Mail: webmaster@daishin88.co.jp
Established Sept.1956
Capital 36,000,000 yen
President & C.E.O. Nobuhiro Shimada
Employees 30
Business Designing, producing and sales of flat rolling dies for screw making
Banks Mizuho Bank
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Obtained ISO 9001:2008
(November 2009 registration number Q1455)
ISO 9001:2008

Company History

1956 Founder Hiroaki Shimada start business as sole proprietors.
He invented flat rolling dies for trilobular screws.
Obtained process paten of relived tap by rolling.
(Patent No.31-0186)
Hiroaki Shimada established Daishin limited.
Headquarters factory moved.
Vacuum heat-treatment furnace installed.
Hiromasa Shimada became the second president.
Reorganized from Daishin limited to Daishin Co.,Ltd.
Original order control program start.
Shonan Factory completed at Samukawa.
Head office building completed.
Nobuhiro Shimada became the third president.
Headquarters factory integrated with Shonan factory,
and Shonan technical labo completed in Tsujido C-X area.
Obtained ISO901:2008 certification.
D-Plus+ composite treatment launched.
SD high hardness die steel launched.
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